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About Me

Ex-pro musician AND an ex- guitar teacher now working in an ordinary office (software engineer) family man with wife, kids and a dog. Prefer the old hard-rock area from 70's and 80's. Joined here as a result from watching VB at YouTube.
Using mainly Software amps from Softube at home and tube amps on the road

Fender Strat slab board, white (1962)
Gibson Les Paul Classic (1991)
Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" (1971)
Peavey Wolfgang gold-top (2004)
Gibson SG Standard Cherry Red (1968)
Gibson SG Custom (1974)
Gibson Flying V (1978)
Guild something electric-acoustic jazz-axe with original strings (1960)

Marshall 50 W top (1973)
Marshall combo 30 W (198?)
Peavey 5150 top, first year
H&K Zenterra
Chinese non-tube practising amp
Marshall speaker cab 4x12
Orange speaker cab 4x12
Fender speaker cab 4x10

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