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About Me

Self taught guitarist, took a ten year break after pulling tendons in my right hand, recently have picked the guitar back up and practicing regularly.

Began playing guitar back in 1980. Was a big Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Queen fan until someone handed us a tape of Al Di Meola's Electric Rendezvous. Took a year of lead guitar lessons from a local guitarist around 1984, who introduced me to a much wider music base including Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, John Mclaughlin, and a host of others.

Currently a huge fan of Andy Summers of the Police, Santana, Jimmy Page, Brian May, and Jeff Beck.

2010 Fender American Standard Strat (Candy Cola)
Handmade Curved Tele with Neck Through body
Squire Strat Mini (Short Scale)
Simon And Patrick Luthier Acoustic (V Neck)
Ovation Acoustic
Squire Bass Guitar

1965 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb (Doctored Double Pre-amp OD)
Fender G-DEC30
Line 6 Tone Port UX1

Boss Dr. Rythm DR3 Drum Machine
Tascam Digital Portastudio DP-02CF

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